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Copper in the kitchen

How Copper Can Make Your Kitchen Extraordinary

Copper is a true kitchen classic, used for centuries as a material for sinks, oven hoods, and cookware. Its latest incarnations include design elements like backsplashes, counter tops, lighting and accents for custom cabinets. The growing popularity of this classic yet striking metal can be attributed to a number of factors. First, its unique look, […]

Mountain luxury home with wood kitchen and granite countertop.

Create the Perfect Open Floor Plan Kitchen

Dividing homes into distinctly separate rooms became a common practice in the 1990s. Over the past few years, the trend has gone in the opposite direction, with an increasing number of homeowners showing a preference for open floor plans. An open floor plan consists of one or more large rooms that function as multiple rooms […]

Furniture Island with Wood Top By Arbor Mills

Nine Absolutely Essential Kitchen Amenities

While for many years the kitchen was viewed as a place of industry, a room in which to carry on the business of cooking and serving meals, in recent years it has transformed into a vital living area – and with transitional kitchens becoming a trend, many families now consider it the heart of the […]

Extraordinary Kitchen Islands: Design Ideas

Once considered a nice bonus feature, but certainly not standard, kitchen islands have become an essential design element in the minds of the vast majority of homeowners. Browse real estate listings and you will find that they are as desirable as kitchen cabinets with a high-end finish. And they have evolved a great deal from […]

Your Kitchen: Divine in White

Due to its status as a neutral color, white is often dismissed as bland. However, white has staying power; its popularity for use in kitchen design schemes has stood the test of time. And in recent years, white kitchen cabinets have consistently outranked all other colors among consumer preference. While its appeal may not be […]

Achieve Kitchen Pantry Perfection: Four Inspiring Tips

While considered necessary overall, in many cases, the kitchen pantry is overlooked for its potential as a storage gold mine. It is typically relegated to a dusty corner and hastily fitted with wire racks or shelving that serve a bare minimum purpose. Do not miss out on the wealth of storage opportunities your pantry provides. […]

Traditional High End Kitchen from Arbor Mills

Delightful Above-Cabinet Décor Ideas

Have you ever looked at the amount of space above your kitchen cabinets and thought to yourself, well, this is awkward? Excess space can make the room appear a bit barren toward the ceiling, resulting in an unbalanced design scheme. However, overcompensating when trying to correct the lack of balance can prove too much for […]

Cook Up Romance: Four Tips for Success

Few would argue that one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts is an intimate dinner for two prepared by your significant other. The sentiment, personal touch and thought that go into it are enormous. And with the convenience offered by contemporary kitchens paired with informed, savvy preparation, it does not require an overwhelming amount of […]

2016’s Most Dazzling Design Ideas

A new year is the perfect time to explore fresh design ideas, including color palettes for the kitchen and bathroom. Discover just how stunning décor elements like your kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets can be with the trends set to heat up in 2016. Color Your World The dominance of gentle winter colors in rose, […]