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Autumn nature concept. Fall fruit on wood.

Embracing Fall Colors in Interior Design

Pumpkins are growing in their patches, the smell of cinnamon has just begun to season the air, and the summer heat has faded. Fall is just around the corner, and those with a taste for interior decorating are sure to enjoy the wealth of design opportunities the season will bring with it. In honor of […]

Traditional High End Kitchen from Arbor Mills

Delightful Above-Cabinet Décor Ideas

Have you ever looked at the amount of space above your kitchen cabinets and thought to yourself, well, this is awkward? Excess space can make the room appear a bit barren toward the ceiling, resulting in an unbalanced design scheme. However, overcompensating when trying to correct the lack of balance can prove too much for […]

2016’s Most Dazzling Design Ideas

A new year is the perfect time to explore fresh design ideas, including color palettes for the kitchen and bathroom. Discover just how stunning décor elements like your kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets can be with the trends set to heat up in 2016. Color Your World The dominance of gentle winter colors in rose, […]

Transform Your Home with Lighting

Décor is not just about cabinets and finishes. Lighting is evidence that one seemingly small décor element can make an enormous impact. Studies have shown that lighting changes the mood of a room. That is pretty powerful. Given its influence, imagine how much of an effect lighting could have on the ambiance of your home. […]

Custom kitchen cabinetry in crisp whites and warm wood tones

Key Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting Kitchen Counters

There is a lot to consider when designing or redesigning a kitchen space, from the appliances that will adorn the space to the colors that will liven up the walls. For many, one of the most challenging decisions to be made in the process of kitchen design is the material that will be used for […]