Our heritage in woodworking began long before our company founding in 1956. In 1915, our families immigrated to the United States from Italy. They were artisans. Their materials were wood, metal and stone and their respect for their work was guided by their values, families and their new country, which demanded they merge their artistic nature and work ethic with innovation and manufacturing.

In 1956, the DelSasso family incorporated Joliet Cabinet Co. Inc. and for the next 58 years, Joliet Cabinet would produce fine cabinetry and earn a reputation for quality, reliability and service.

The business continued to flourish and in 2015, one year before its 60th anniversary, branded its residential products under the name “Arbor Mills” to better reflect its commitment to customers, co-workers, product quality and the environment.

Taking our inspiration from fine world design and the American factory, Arbor Mills is dedicated to bringing luxury quality and cutting edge innovation in cabinetry products to improve our customer’s product experience. We continue our legacy by developing innovations years into the future that ensures Arbor Mills offers the absolute best cabinetry possible for today.

Management Team

Our designs begin with a blank slate knowing anything is possible. So does our woodworking. Our team of managers engineer and craft designs exclusively from raw materials of the same lot. Everything, custom made for you and engineered to function flawlessly for your enjoyment and ease of use.

Daryl DelSasso


Rob Ostap

Vice President – Design and Sales

Randy Parks

Director - Manufacturing

Tim Kozar

Production Manager

Dan Morales

Director - Finishing